Macherey-Nagel HPLC

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NUCLEODUR® is a fully synthetical type B silica (silica of 3rd generation) offering highly advanced physical properties:

  • Totally spherical particle shape
  • Outstanding surface microstructure
  • High-pressure stability
  • Low metal content

NUCLEODUR® is state-of-the-art silica and is the ideal base material for modern HPLC phases.

Macherey-Nagel HPLC

NUCLEOSHELL®silica particles consist of a non-porous, solid core of 1.7 µm diameter and a porous outer shell of 0.5 µm thickness. Accordingly, the total diameter of the particle is 2.7 µm.

NUCLEOSIL® is a porous spherical silica with a pure, uniform SiO2 structure. It’s widely accepted as routine packings for various chromatography fields and is one of the first spherical silicas use in HPLC.

NUCLEOGEL® is a polymer-based resin for the analysis of water-soluble substances.

NUCLEODEX® is comprised of cyclodextrin-based phases such as β-OH, α-PM, β-PM, and λ-PM.

These chiral cyclodextrin phases are suited for separating racemates, constitutional and configurational isomers under reversed-phase conditions.

NUCLEOCEL® has a chiral selector that is based on a modified cellulose (NUCLEOCEL® Delta) or amylose (NUCLEOCEL® Alpha) derivative coated on an unparalleled quality silica support.

Both (Alpha and Delta) HPLC sorbents provide excellent enantioselective properties for numerous chiral molecules, which can be separated with high a-values.

NUCLEOGEN® is a series of silica-based DEAE anion exchangers available with pore sizes of 60, 500, and 4000 Å.

Pore sizes are based on what is best suited for the separation of oligonucleotides, high molecular weight RNA, and plasmid DNA.