Chromabond® SPE Cartridges

Purify, Concentrate, Isolate and Optimize Your Sample

Discover unmatched consistency, purity, and quality with our Chromabond SPE Cartridges. Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) is a fast and efficient sample preparation technique for analyte cleanup, concentration or to isolate your sample from an interfering matrix.

Chromabond® – Solid Phase Extractions (SPE) Cartridges

Three Reasons to Use Solid Phase Extraction:

  • Concentration of the analyte to increase chromatographic sensitivity and improve limits of detection
  • Remove interfering compounds and protect the equipment for subsequent analyses using HPLC, GC, TLC, UV or IR spectroscopy
  • Changing an analyte’s environment to an optimized matrix more suitable for downstream analytical analysis

Typical Extraction Mechanisms for SPE

  • Reversed phase– extraction of hydrophobic or polar organic analytes from aqueous matrix
  • Normal phase– extraction of polar analytes from nonpolar organic solvents
  • Ion exchange– extraction of charged analytes from aqueous or nonpolar organic samples

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Chromabond SPE Configurations:

All CHROMABOND® columns, cartridges and 96-well plates are manufactured from virgin polypropylene (PP) and non-detectable extractable (plasticizers, stabilizers, etc.) offering quality blank value-free results when using most common solvents.

The high-quality CHROMABOND® adsorbents are kept in place by chemically very inert polyethylene filter elements


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