Sorbtech HPLC Columns

Accelerate Your Success with an Extensive Range of HPLC Columns

From analytical, semi-prep, to preparative HPLC, Sorbtech HPLC columns achieve optimal performance and full scalability from bench to pilot to production. Develop robust methods that scale your initial bench success to production.

Our team of separation scientists will help you choose the best solution for your application, improve the yield and purity of preparative separations, and build robust, repeatable, and transferrable methods.

Sorbtech Purity™ HPLC configurations include: analytical, semi-prep, and preparative columns with your choice of chemistries, particle sizes, and pore sizes.

Sorbtech HPLC Column

Scale with Ease
Our columns feature the same quality adsorbents used in our flash chromatography columns and our bulk adsorbents. Ensure your analytical separation method successfully scales to the level you require.

We also offer a custom packing service to meet any special needs, configurations, or loading requirements that go beyond standard products.

Our team of experts will work closely with you to define your need and design a separation solution that provides you with the exact product necessary to succeed.

Contact your account manager here for more details about custom packing.