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Sorbtech Chromatography: The Science of Separations

When it comes to chromatography, you want to find products for every step of your workflow, while leveraging our experience and knowledge in the science of separations and purifications.

Collaborate with chromatography experts

We want to serve as your chromatography partner and work together to improve your separation.

With the broadest portfolio of chromatography adsorbents, instruments, and equipment, we’ll guide and support your efforts, whether you are:

  • Working on improving routine separations
  • Or searching for a breakthrough in research
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Trending Products

    • Flash Cartridges – Accelerate your research and maximize the power of your budget using Sorbtech Purity™ Pre-Packed and EZ Flash Cartridges (empty). Manufactured out of solvent-resistant polypropylene, these columns can survive harsh purification conditions.
    • TLC Plates – Our TLC plates are manufactured with stringent production controls. TLC layers are smooth, homogenous, uniform, and reproducible from plate-to-plate and lot-to-lot.
    • Silica Gel -We provide a full range of chromatographic silica gels (from bench to process). Our silica gels are manufactured using GMP standards, ensuring:
      the highest performance and purity, assured reproducibility lot-to-lot, direct scale-up from bench to process for transferrable method development, and Certificates of analysis and individual data sheets are available for each product.
    • Industrial Purification Applications Sorbent Technologies provides adsorbents for chemical industry processes. Our products are carefully produced to meet the following application requirements:
      • Consistent separation and purification performance
      • High separation efficiency
      • Good stability in most solvents and at elevated temperatures
      • Available at reasonable cost