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Chromatography - Science and Art
Chromatography is the art of manipulating and analyzing the chemical, biological and physical Principia and Properties. A so-called "mystery" exists at the microscopic interaction of an active compound with the stationary phase. The chromatographer will consider many variables including the composition of the stationary phase, its consistency, its surface properties, its chemical modification, its durability, its permeability and its architectural influence. The effectiveness of the separation as well as all the other influences of the logistical parameters: solvent, temperature, hardware, packing consistency, and the user, to name a few. While scientific methodology aids the chromatographer in predicting and manipulating chromatographic separations, with so many variables and interactions taking place on a microscopic level, it is no small wonder that many liquid chromatographers believe there is an aspect of "art" to their work and that this artistic element is at least as important as the scientific methodology used to achieve optimal chromatographic separations.

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Dedicated to Chromatography
Chromatography is our expertise. We have been providing the highest quality adsorbents and chromatography supplies since 2000. Our trained Account Managers will assist you with method development and optimization from analytical methods to full scale process. Furthermore, we provide an extensive applications database to describe methods for LC, HPLC, SPE, TLC and GC which includes both mobile and stationary phases for your target compound. We understand the importance of your work and the necessity for high-quality information and products.

Your Account Manager is only a phone call away. Our amazing applications database is always available on our website to describe chromatography methods for TLC, HPLC, GC, and SPE and includes both stationary and mobile phases for your target compound to assist the chemist in method development.