Gel Filtration, Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC)

Introducing Sorbadex™, a new cross-linked composite dextran matrix (similar to the GE Sephadex™ product) for Gel Filtration Chromatography. Sorbadex has been proven to be superior for desalting, buffer exchange and removal of small molecular impurities, such as unreacted fluorescent dyes, nucleotides, and haptens. Sorbadex gel is used exclusively for the precision-filled manufacture of all columns and filtration plates available from Sorbent Technologies.

For bulk applications, Sorbadex-25 (protein fractionation range: 1kD - 5kD) and Sorbadex-50 (protein fractionation range 2kD - 30kD) are provided in Medium (50µm - 150µm), Fine (20µm - 80µm) and Superfine (20µm - 50µm) grades. For assistance in selecting the correct Sorbtech product, let us know the Sephadex™ or gel filtration product you are currently using. Contact us with your particular purification needs! (Sephadex is a trademark of GE Life Sciences)