Macherey-Nagel Analytical HPLC Columns

NUCLEOSIL® is a family of totally porous spherical silica with a very pure and uniform SiO2 structure. It is widely accepted as routine packings for very different fields of chromatography and is one of the first spherical silicas use in HPLC.

Nucleosil was developed in the early seventies and became a world-renowned HPLC packing. Still found in many analytical and preparative applications, Nucleosil is an absolutely reliable choice in HPLC.


  • High bed stability due to spherical particles
  • High efficiency due to narrow particle size distribution
  • High separation performance due to optimized binding techniques
  • High chemical and mechanical stability
  • High load capacity and recovery rates
  • High reproducibility from lot to lot

Pore Sizes and Particle Sizes Available:

The silica is manufactured with different pore diameters (50, 100, 120, 300, 500, 1000 and 4000 Å) and particle sizes from 3 µm (only Nucleosil 50, 100 and 120) to 10 µm with very narrow fractionation.