SepaBean Flash Chromatography Purification Systems

Isolate and Purify Your Sample With a Smart, Affordable System that’s Reliable and Easy-to-Use

SepaBean powers your productivity to isolate and purify your sample with an intuitive design that permits easy and even unattended operation. It’s SMART, with a built-in methods development database.

More importantly, it’s reliable day after day, month after month, year after year.

Power Your Purifications

  • Remote access functionality runs wirelessly from any mobile device
  • Lifetime software updates via the App Store
  • Dual UV/VIS detectors allowing you to monitor two wavelengths simultaneously
  • Simple maintenance-free pumps for consistent and reliable operations
  • Smart column holder automatically ensures pressure/leak-free operation
  • Network ready, high-security system-links peer instruments automatically

Contact us to arrange a demo and learn how this unique system is can save your lab time and money with it’s “touch & go” technology.