Chromatography Flash Cartridges

Achieve Increased Speed, Tighter Elution Bands, and Greater Loading Capacity with Sorbtech Flash Columns

Flash chromatography cartridges, also known as flash columns,  can accelerate your research and maximize the power of your budget using Sorbtech Purity™ Pre-Packed and EZ Flash (empty). Manufactured out of solvent-resistant polypropylene, these columns can survive harsh purification conditions.

Flash Chromatography Cartridges - Sorbtech Purity

Advantages of pre-packed vs. self-packed

  • Faster purifications with higher pressure
  • Greater sample loading with finer particle silica
  • Ensures reproducibility run to run with consistent packing
  • Eliminates the hazard of glass column breakage
Purity Flash Cartridge

Purity™ Pre-Packed

Features of Sorbtech Purity™ Flash Cartridges

  • Proprietary packing methods increase speed, resolution, and loading capacity
  • Leak-free cartridge allows for pressures up to 400 psi
  • Cartridges are packed with Premium Rf Silica Gel, providing improved chromatographic results
  • Uniform, homogenous bed prevents solvent channeling
  • Available in a wide range of sizes from 4g to 3kg, with the same adsorbent
EZ Empty Flash Cartridges

EZ Empty Flash Cartridge

Features of Sorbtech EZ Flash Columns

  • Ease of usability, with screw top design
  • Packable with adsorbents of your choosing
  • Low-cost replaceable frits allow flash column repacking
  • Solvent resistant polypropylene withstands pressures up to 200 psi

Full Compatibility With Most Flash Systems

  • Sorbtech™ EZ Flash System
  • SepaBean™ Machine
  • Teledyne Isco™
  • Biotage™
  • Agilent Technologies™
  • Interchim™
  • Grace Discovery Sciences™
  • Buchi™ systems