Syringe Filters for HPLC and UPLC

Chromafil® Disposable Syringe Filters for Chromatography Sample Prep

CHROMAFIL disposable syringe filters are used for the filtration of suspended matter from liquid samples (1–100 mL) in HPLC and UPLC chromatography sample prep applications before injection.

These syringe filters can be used for HPLC, UPLC, GC, ICP, AAS, TOC, DOC, IR, NMR, photometry, and spectroscopy samples to filter out contaminants and extraneous particles that can affect analytical results or clog liquid pathways, frits, etc.

CHROMAFIL syringe filters are HPLC and UPLC certified for low-extractable content by HPLC evaluation.
A certificate of analysis (COA) is available upon request to meet ISO 9001 requirements.

CHROMAFIL® Syringe Filters Ideal for GC, HPLC, and UHPLC Sample Prep

CHROMAFIL Chromatography Syringe Filters Feature:

  • Nine different membrane types to meet multiple filtration applications for aqueous or organic liquid samples
  • No extractables, sonically welded, leak-free, chemically resistant, polypropylene housings
  • Low-cost, single-application, disposable filters ensure zero cross-contamination problems
  • Fast flow geometry minimizes back pressure during filtration by the user. Process samples faster and more easily.
  • Very low hold-up volumes for maximum volume recovery
  • Certified chromatography performance by HPLC analysis with available COA for ISO 9001 compliance.
  • Standard Luer-Lok™ inlet and Luer slip outlet
  • Designed to be compatible for use on all common automated filtration systems, e.g. SOTAX® dissolution systems

CHROMAFIL Chromatography Syringe Filters Feature:

  • Polypropylene Housing – Stronger solvent stability compared to acrylate and polystyrene filters with low extractable interference.
  • Syringe Filters are ultrasonically sealed, not glued – Guaranteed leak-free, stronger with no contamination from glues leaching into the sample
  • Filtration in both directions is possible – The bi-directional function allows filtration in aspiration or injection modes.
  • Luer-lok inlet secures filter attachment to a syringe – Safe connection on the “high-pressure” side
  • Luer exit – Standard luer for 3 mm and 25 mm filters, minispike luer with low dead volume and small OD for 15 mm filters
  • Liquid Sample Flow Deflector – The stream of liquid is broken and evenly distributed, and does not directly hit the membrane: this prevents rupture of the membrane, especially with viscous samples
  • Star-shaped distribution device – The liquid is evenly distributed to the whole membrane surface: This results in better utilization of the total area. The filter is not plugged up rapidly, providing high flow efficiency.
  • Color Coded – For visual identification. Our color coding system permits the user to identify the porosity and type of membrane visually.
  • Low Dead Volume for Maximum Sample Recoveries – ~120 µl for 25 mm, 12 µl for 15 mm, 5 µl for 3 mm

Recommended filter size depending on sample volume:

Sample Volume Recommended Filter Diameter Filter Hold-up Volume (approx.) Available Filtration Area
1 ml 3 mm 0.5 µL 0.07 cm2
1 - 5 ml 15 mm 12 µL 1.33 cm2
5 - 100 ml 25 mm 120 µL 4.91 cm2