Filtering Funnels

Disposal, Economical, and Easy to Use

Filtering funnels have a cylinder that is separated from the funnel by a perforated plate or a fritted glass disc. Also known as Buchner funnels (Wikipedia) or Hirsch funnels, each uses vacuum suction that pulls liquid through the filter into the cylinder.

Work without risk for your filtrate and eliminate the need to clean sintered glass filters with mineral acids using these disposable filtering funnels. Available in various sizes, you can use these cost-effective filtering funnels more than once or dispose of them after each use.

Filtering funnels are a crucial tool in chromatography, a technique used to separate and analyze complex mixtures. Chromatography relies on the selective interaction between the sample and the stationary phase, which is a material packed into a column or a thin layer on a plate. As the sample flows through the column or plate, it undergoes various interactions with the stationary phase, leading to the separation of its components. However, before the sample can be introduced into the chromatography system, it needs to be properly filtered to remove any particulate matter that could clog the column or interfere with the analysis.

Filtering funnels are essentially large funnels with a built-in filter, typically made of glass or plastic. The filter can be made of various materials, such as paper, cellulose acetate, or polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), and can have different pore sizes depending on the size and nature of the particles to be removed. It’s connected to a vacuum source that applies suction to pull the sample through the filter and into a collection flask or vial. The vacuum also helps to speed up the filtration process and ensure a consistent flow rate.

In chromatography, filtering funnels are used to prepare the sample for injection into the chromatography system. Depending on the type of chromatography, the sample may need to be dissolved or suspended in a specific solvent or buffer, and any solid particles or debris must be removed. This is particularly important for high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), which uses columns packed with small particles that are easily clogged by particulates. If the sample is not properly filtered, the column can become blocked, leading to poor separation and decreased resolution.

filtering funnel diagram

Filtering Funnels in Various Sizes

small filtering funnel

Small Capacity
Dimension: 27 x 47 mm
Porosity: 10µm, 15µm
Volume: 26 ml

medium filtering funnel

Medium Capacity
Dimension: 37 x 80 mm
Porosity: 10µm, 15µm
Volume: 115 ml

large filtering funnel

Large Capacity
Dimension : 65 x 90 mm
Porosity: 10µm, 15µm
Volume: 300ml

Catalog No.DescriptionPrice (USD)
8521-2710Disposable Filtering Funnel, 27x47mm, 26ml, 10um frit, 75/pk Buy now $210.45
8521-2932-912Reusable funnel support for ground neck flask 29/32, tubing ID 9 to 12mm Buy now $156.86
8521-2715Disposable Filtering Funnel, 27x47mm, 26ml, 15um frit, 75/pk Buy now $210.45
8521-4045-912Reusable funnel support for ground neck flask 40/45, tubing ID 9 to 12mm Buy now $156.86
8521-3710Disposable Filtering Funnel, 37x80mm, 115ml, 10um frit, 50/pk Buy now $271.45
8521-4045-68Reusable funnel support for ground neck flask 40/45, tubing ID 6 to 8mm Buy now $156.86
8521-3715Disposable Filtering Funnel, 37x80mm, 115ml, 15um frit, 50/pk Buy now $271.45
8521-2932-68Reusable funnel support for ground neck flask 29/32, tubing ID 6 to 8mm Buy now $156.86
8521-6510Disposable Filtering Funnel, 65x90mm, 300ml, 10um frit, 25/pk Buy now $259.25
8521-6515Disposable Filtering Funnel, 65x90mm, 300ml, 15um frit, 25/pk Buy now $259.25