Serological Pipets

Serological Pipets – Sterile, standard tip, individually wrapped

Serological pipets are for transferring liquids and suspensions with a variety of different viscosities. All pipets are virgin polystyrene, certified pyrogen-free and non-cytotoxic.

  • The non-toxic color-coded cotton plugs provide easy size identification
  • Manufactured in a state-of-the-art ISO 9001:2000-certified facility
  • Convenient one-side-paper, one-side-plastic packaging
  • Outer dust-protective bags protect during transport/storage
  • Colorless inert polyester-fiber plugs

More Accurate and Durable

Sizes from 1 mL to 25 mL have unique smooth one-piece construction:

  • Seamless to ensure no possibility of sample hang-up or accidental breakage
  • One-piece construction improves accuracy with calibration to deliver (TD) at ±1.5%

Sizes from 5 mL to 25 mL are two inches shorter than other typical pipettes:

  • Ease of use under benchtop hoods especially with pipet bulbs and controllers
  • Open-end and wide-tip pipets yield faster flow rates
  • Reduce shearing for food, meat, cosmetics, oils, paint, sludge and cell-culture applications
serological pipets
Catalog No.DescriptionPrice (USD)
7317-0010Serological Pipets, 1ml Standard Tip, Individually Wrapped, Sterile, 800/cs Buy now $155.10
7317-0020Serological Pipets, 2ml Standard Tip, Individually Wrapped, Sterile, 600/cs Buy now $158.40
7317-0050Serological Pipets, 5ml Standard Tip, Individually Wrapped, Sterile, 200/cs Buy now $74.26
7317-0100Serological Pipets, 10ml Standard Tip, Individually Wrapped, Sterile, 200/cs Buy now $82.62
7317-0250Serological Pipets, 25ml Standard Tip, Individually Wrapped, Sterile, 200/cs Buy now $154.56
7317-0500Serological Pipets, 50ml Standard Tip, Individually Wrapped, Sterile, 90/cs Buy now $218.90

Serological pipets are long, narrow tubes with a bulb at one end that are used to measure and transfer small volumes of liquids. They are typically made of glass or plastic and are marked with graduations (lines or markings) that indicate the volume of liquid contained in the pipet. Serological pipets are commonly used in laboratories for tasks such as preparing solutions, mixing chemicals, or making dilutions. They are also known as calibrated pipets or transfer pipets. Serological pipets are typically used in conjunction with a pipet filler or bulb, which is used to draw the liquid into the pipet and dispense it. Serological pipets are very accurate, and the volume of liquid they can hold can be accurately measured to within a few microliters. They are widely used in scientific and medical research, as well as in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, and chemical manufacturing.