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Who We Are

Sorbent Technologies, Inc. specializes in chromatography and purification solutions that help chemists with method development and optimization—from analytical methods to full-scale production with standard and complex chemistries.

What Sets Us Apart

We offer the industry’s broadest lines of the highest quality chromatography products and have the scientific expertise to assist clients with projects from lab to pilot to industrial process applications.

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Industries We Serve

Our separation products and solutions are used by universities, government labs, and industries, including:

Teamwork makes the dream work

Tap into unchained expertise and innovation. Our seasoned executive, scientists, and sales teams inspire and energize, using decades of experience to meet complex extraction, method development, and purification challenges. When you connect with us, you’re connecting with decades of scientific experience from a group of seasoned professionals dedicated to serving the needs of your organization.

How can we help you? How can we win your business? Experience the difference with our concierge-level service for your chromatography needs. If you’re tired of being treated as a number, if your vendor is more transactional than relational, you deserve to experience the difference!

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Marc Perla – President, Co-Founder

Marc Perla co-founded Sorbent Technologies in September 2000 and serves as our President. His extensive experience in the chromatography industry, along with his commitment, knowledge, expertise in strategy development, logistics excellence…Read More.

David Schurer – Vice President, Co-Founder

David Schurer co-founded Sorbent Technologies and serves as our vice president where he leverages a comprehensive background in laboratory and scientific supplies. David has established a strong reputation as a leader, a trusted advisor, and an…Read More.

Ray Lombardi – General Manager

With over 43 years’ experience in chromatography, Ray brings a wealth of unprecedented experience in application development, product understanding, and executive management to Sorbent Technologies…Read More.

Dr. Robert Kerr

Director of Research & Development

A native Texan, Dr. Kerr graduated from Austin College in Sherman, Texas, (B.A.), The University of Texas at Austin (M.A.), and L’Université Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg, France… Read More.

Trey Massengill- Account Manager

Region 1

Ray White

Ray White – Account Manager

Region 3