GC Columns

Capillary Columns for GC and GC/MS Chromatography

Low Bleed, Temperature Stable, Inert, and Individually Tested Performance for All GC Applications

OPTIMA™ columns deliver unmatched performance, reproducibility, and durability for the most demanding GC or GC/MS applications.

From application-specific to a full spectrum of polar to non-polar phases, OPTIMA capillary columns are durable, high temperature resistive, and supplied with a COA for every individually tested column.

Build confident, transferrable methods. Our manufacturing process ensures column to column/lot to lot reproducibility for the most challenging separations.

Long column life and high-efficiency separations can now be confidently built-into the methods that you send throughout your organization.

Macherey-Nagel Capillary GC Columns Feature:

  • Low bleed, temperature stable capillary coatings
  • Inert, long-life stable performance
  • Increased selectivity with highly reproducible results
  • Individually tested columns are supplied with a COA
GC Columns Capillary Columns for GC and GC/MS Chromatography
Column Stationary Phase Description Polarity
Optima-1 100% Dimethylpolysiloxane Great all-purpose column. Excellent thermal stability. Separation by boiling point. Non-Polar
Optima-5 5% Phenyl, 95% Methylpolysiloxane Often the first choice in method development. Excellent thermal stability. Slight phase polarity gives greater selectivity. Supreme versatility.
Optima XLB Silarylene phase, optimized silarylene content Chemically bonded, cross-linked silarylene phase, optimized silarylene content for lowest column bleed
Optima-Delta phase with autoselectivity Medium polar without CN groups. Analytes determine the polarity of the phase. Idea for MSD and PND detectors.
Optima-1301 6% Cyanopropyl-phenyl, 94% methylpolysiloxane Specifically designed for U.S. EPA Methods 608, 508, 8080 (pesticide analysis).
Optima-624 6% Cyanopropyl-phenyl, 94% methylpolysiloxane Specifically designed for U.S. EPA Methods 624 (environmental analysis).
Optima-1701 14% Cyanopropyl-phenyl, 86% methylpolysiloxane Unique polarity (relative to Optima-17). Ideal for alaysis of pesicides, drugs, and solvents.
Optima-17 50% Phenyl, 50% Methylpolysiloxane Greater phenyl content provides a unique polarity and higher thermal stability (relative to Optima-1701). Great peak shape for amines. Ideal for analysis of pesticides and drugs.
Optima-210 50% Trifluoropropyl, 50% methylpolysiloxane Excellent for EPA Methods 8140 and 609. Equivalent to USP Phase G6.
Optima-225 50% Cyanopropyl-phenyl, 50% methylpolysiloxane Ideal for separation of cis- and trans-fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs). CLose equivalent to USP Phase G7.
Optima-240 33% Cyanopropyl-phenyl, 67% Dimethylpolysiloxane Recommended for FAMEs and dioxin analyses.
Optima-Wax Polyethylene glycol (PEG) Ideal for analysis of polar compounds. Excellent for alcohols, aromatics, FAMEs, BETX, solvents, etc.
Optima-FFAP Nitroterephthalic acid modified Polyethylene glycol (PEG) Ideal for analysis of volatile fatty acids, and phenols. Close equivalent to USP Phase G35 Very Polar