SepaBean, Automated Flash Chromatography Purification Systems

Automated Flash Chromatography – Isolate and Purify Your Sample With SepaBean – a Smart, Affordable System that’s Reliable and Easy-to-Use

SepaBean, an automated flash chromatography system, powers your productivity to isolate and purify your sample with an intuitive design that permits easy and even unattended operation. It’s SMART, with a built-in methods development database.

More importantly, it’s reliable day after day, month after month, year after year.

Power Your Purifications

  • Remote access functionality runs wirelessly from any mobile device
  • Lifetime software updates via the App Store
  • Dual UV/VIS detectors allowing you to monitor two wavelengths simultaneously
  • Simple maintenance-free pumps for consistent and reliable operations
  • Smart column holder automatically ensures pressure/leak-free operation
  • Network ready, high-security system-links peer instruments automatically

Contact us to arrange a demo and learn how this unique system is can save your lab time and money with it’s “touch & go” technology.

Automated flash chromatography is a type of chromatography that uses a flash chromatography system that is automated and controlled by a computer. In this method, a sample is applied to the top of a column filled with a stationary phase, which is usually a solid adsorbent material. The sample is then separated into its component parts as it is passed through the column by the flow of a mobile phase, which is typically a liquid solvent or mixture of solvents.

Automated flash chromatography systems are designed to improve the efficiency and reproducibility of the separation process. They typically have a pump to control the flow of the mobile phase, a detector to monitor the progress of the separation, and a computer to control the system and analyze the results. Some systems also have automatic sample loading and unloading capabilities, as well as the ability to switch between different columns and mobile phases.

Automated flash chromatography is widely used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries for the purification and separation of compounds, as well as in research and development. It is particularly useful for the purification of small- to medium-sized samples, as it allows for rapid separation with high resolution and recovery.