Contract Services for Method Development and Optimization

The challenge, difficulty, and frustration that most chemists face today is the development of an optimal chromatographic method to either separate or purify their compound to maximize yield, purity, kinetics and then to seamlessly transfer that method to a cost-effective chromatographic production process.

Most chemists acquire this knowledge through years of experience, and trial and error learning. It is an arduous, long path to gain this expertise as there is little in the way of formal training for matching a target compound, to the correct stationary phase and run conditions to optimize separation or purification.

Sorbent Technologies has over 20 years of providing stationary phase and successful method advice for every type of chemistry, including reaction products, natural product extracts, small or large molecule. We have a complete selection of stationary phases: bonded silicas, polymeric, size exclusion, and affinity for HPLC, Prep & Flash to identify the best route for your compound.

Analytical Development Consulting

We are now providing in-house CRO service for Analytical and Preparative Method Development and Optimization.

Sorbtech Contract Services feature:

  • Complete access to an extensive collection of stationary phases for optimal matching to target compounds
  • Full staffed laboratory with over 100 years of combined chromatographic experience from bench to production
  • Expertise in LC, HPLC, TLC, Flash, SEC, and SPE method development and optimization
  • Successful and seamless scale-up from bench to pilot to production
  • Experienced, effective solutions development for Cannabis and Hemp extract decontamination

One call is all it takes to ensure success in your current or next separation or purification project.