CHROMABOND® HR-Xpert – SPE Cartridges

The Innovative Concept of Five Spherical-Shaped Polymer RP and Mixed-Mode Ion Exchange Phases for SPE

The Chromabond SPE Series features a spherical support polymer with an optimized pore structure and high surface, which guarantees good reproducibility, reliability, and cost-efficient analysis. Chromabond HR-Xpert is the preferred solution for a broad spectrum of applications, including the enrichment of pharmaceuticals from biological matrices.


The CHROMABOND HR-Xpert Family Comprises 5 Polymer-Based RP and Mixed-Mode Ion-Exchange Phases

  • CHROMABOND HR-X – hydrophobic PS/DVB copolymer
  • CHROMABOND HR-XA – strong mixed-mode anion exchanger
  • CHROMABOND HR-XC – strong mixed-mode cation exchanger
  • CHROMABOND HR-XAW – weak mixed-mode anion exchanger
  • CHROMABOND HR-XCW – weak mixed-mode cation exchanger

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Perfect for a broad spectrum of applications with special suitability for the enrichment of pharmaceuticals from biological matrices. HR-Xpert can be used for almost any sample preparation analysis with excellent results, even for ultra-trace enrichment applications.


These Innovative SPE Phases Offer:

  • State-of-the-art spherical polymer-based supports with optimized reproducibility and extremely low blind values
  • Broad-spectrum of application with special suitability for the enrichment of pharmaceuticals from biological matrices
  • Ideal flow properties due to the low content of particulate matter
  • Optimized pore structure and high specific surface area
  • High loadability and outstanding elution properties
  • Low solvent consumption and rapid, economical analyses even at ultra-trace levels

The HR-Xpert Concept Guarantees:

  • RP and mixed-mode SPE phases with distinct ion-exchange and reversed-phase properties: excellent enrichment of neutral, acidic, and basic compounds
  • Modern, spherical support polymer with optimized pore structure and high surface: good reproducibility, robust and cost-efficient analysis
  • Possibility for more aggressive washing procedures for matrix removal: cleaner samples and protection of your HPLC and GC instruments
  • Quantification of analytes even from heavily contaminated samples: lower limits of detection also for critical matrices

CHROMABOND HR-Xpert is the perfect solution for success in sample preparation.