Weak Carboxylic Acid-Modified Polymeric Cation Exchanger for SPE

This innovative SPE phase is a state-of-the-art spherical polymer and is appropriate for a broad spectrum of applications. HR-X is especially suitable for the enrichment of pharmaceuticals from biological matrices and has ideal flow properties due to its low content of particulate matter.

Its optimized pore structure and high specific surface allow for high loadability and outstanding elution properties, low solvent consumption, and rapid economical analyses. High-purity adsorber material allows the highest reproducibility with extremely low blind values and reliable analyses at ultra-trace levels. Method adaptation for new batches is not necessary.



  • Base material spherical PS/DVB copolymer, pore size 50-60 Å, particle sizes 45 µm or 85 µm (standard)
  • Very large specific surface 850 m2/g, pore volume 1.2-1.4 cm3/g, pH stability 1-14
  • Weak carboxylic acid modification, exchange capacity > 0.7 meq/g, pKa ~ 5
  • RP capacity 350 mg/g (caffeine in water)
  • High-purity material, highest reproducibility and lowest blank values due to an optimized production process
  • Outstanding recovery rates especially for the enrichment of basic analytes

Recommended Applications:

  • Basic compounds like quaternary amines
  • Basic active ingredients from strongly matrix-contaminated samples like urine, plasma, serum
  • Strong bases with pKa > 10
Catalog No.DescriptionPrice (USD)
730731SPE Cartridges, Chromabond, HR-XCW, 1mL, 30mg 30/pk Buy now $69.80
730733SPE Cartridges, Chromabond, HR-XCW, 1mL, 100mg 30/pk Buy now $90.60
730735SPE Cartridges, Chromabond, HR-XCW, 3mL, 60mg 30/pk Buy now $98.90
730739SPE Cartridges, Chromabond, HR-XCW, 3mL, 200mg 30/pk Buy now $111.00
730741SPE Cartridges, Chromabond, HR-XCW, 3mL, 500mg 30/pk Buy now $163.00
730737SPE Cartridges, Chromabond, HR-XCW, 6mL, 150mg 30/pk Buy now $204.00
730743SPE Cartridges, Chromabond, HR-XCW, 6mL, 500mg 30/pk Buy now $232.00
Chromabond® Polypropylene Columns

  • PP columns with PE filter elements
  • Different sizes from 1, 3, 6 up to 150 ml
  • Adsorbent weights from 20 mg to 50 g
  • Male luer tip as exit
  • Compatible with most robots (e. g. Gilson ASPEC™, Caliper AutoTrace®, …)
Chromabond® Glass Columns

  • Glass columns with chemically very inert glass fiber
  • Filter elements (nominal pore size 1 µm)
  • Two different sizes: 3 and 6 ml
  • Available with all CHROMABOND® phases
  • Excludes any influence from the column material (e. g. plasticizers, …)
Chromafix® Cartridges

  • PP cartridges with PE filter elements
  • Three different sizes with different adsorbent weights: Small (0.4 ml), Medium (0.8 ml), Large (1.8 ml)
  • Female Luer tip at the inlet, male Luer tip as exit
  • Offers an alternative way of handling using positive pressure by syringes or peristaltic pumps
  • Especially suited for convenient solid-phase extraction of small sample volumes
Chromabond® LV Columns

  • Large volume PP columns with PE filter elements
  • Three different adsorbent weights (100, 200 and 500 mg)
  • funnel-shaped reservoir with 15 ml volume
  • Especially for the clinical samples-the whole sample (e. g. urine, serum, blood) can be applied to the column in one step
  • Can be directly used in the Zymate® lab robots of Zymark
Chromabond® Multi 96- SPE in 96-Well format

  • 96-well polypropylene plates with PE filter elements
  • Cavity volume of 1.5 ml
  • Adsorbent weights from 25 to 100 mg
  • Supplied with any CHROMABOND® SPE adsorbents
  • For simultaneous preparation of 96 samples
  • Easy method transfer from CHROMABOND® columns or CHROMAFIX® cartridges to CHROMABOND® MULTI 96
  • Readily adaptable to all common automated/robotic handling systems