Ion Exchange Ion Chromatography Analytical and Prep
Bioseparation/Size Exclusion Chiral Separation Columns

We offer MCI GEL® columns with reversed phase, size exclusion, ion exchange and hydrophobic polymer based packings for proteins, oligosaccarides, peptides, amino acids and other applications. The use of polymeric based columns has become more widespread thanks to unique selectivity of the polymer matrix that has no specific adsorption common with silica based packings. These columns can be operated with a wide pH range- both basic and acidic eluents-due to the chemical stability of the inert polymeric materials. Columns are available in analytical, semi-prep and prep sizes.

MCI GEL® reversed phase columns are based on a polystyrenic and polymethacrylate porous polymers. These columns are normally applied to the separation of aromatic and aliphatic based compounds in the isocratic and gradient elution modes. The applications include pharmaceuticals, steroids, small peptides, amphoteric molecules such as sulfonamides and cephalosporin antibiotics, plus basic drugs, simple amines, antihistamines and carbamate pesticides.

  • Excellent separation performance
  • Chemically stable
  • Wide pH range (very strong acids & bases)
  • Long Lifetime, easily cleaned
  • No irreversible binding associated with silica based columns
  • Accurate results

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