Sorbtech Custom Column Packing Service

Column Packing Service

When standard available products don’t address your separation needs. 

Even with our extensive portfolio of available chemistries and column configurations, we realize that your application may require something different and focused to specifically address your needs. 

Our focus through our customer column packing service is to concentrate on the difficult 1% of analytes, where standard hardware or standard bonded materials do not achieve the results that are necessary for your work. 

Sorbtech Custom Columns 

Sorbtech offers custom packing in standard and non-standard column configurations and specialty-modified chemistries from analytical to preparative in SFC, HPLC, and Flash column configurations. 

Additionally, we can pack another manufacturer’s resins or your supplied special media in various column IDs and lengths. Our team can discuss your needs, provide product suggestions, or work with you on modified ligand bonding for your specific applications. 

Each column is then tested and supplied with a performance chromatogram. Our services are available at cost-effective prices and with expedited production when required. 

 Please contact your account manager for more info about our custom column packing services.