Santai SepaBean™ Automated Flash Systems

Easy-to-Use, Smart, and Knowledgeable Purification System

It takes numerous resources and hours to develop methods to separate and purify compound mixtures. Sorbtech provides a flash chromatography system that saves time and simplifies the process.

Santai SepaBean™ Machines Smart Systems:

  • Remote access functionality runs wirelessly from any mobile device
  • Lifetime software updates via the App Store
  • Dual UV/VIS detectors allowing you to monitor two wavelengths simultaneously
  • Simple maintenance-free pumps for consistent and reliable operations
  • Smart column holder automatically ensures pressure/leak-free operation
  • Network ready, high-security system-links peer instruments automatically
  • Delivers eco-friendly column management
  • Enables safe and reliable data recording and sharing

Built-in Method Database/Knowledge Retainment

Researchers spend extensive time and resources on developing methods to separate and purify compound mixtures. These valuable methods are stored separately, disconnected, and become an information island.

Leveraging the Santai SepaBean™ Machines database and distributed
computing technology, researchers will:

  • Retain & share methods across secured organizational networks
  • Rely on a built-in relational database to store methods
  • Query existing or update new separation methods
  • Form a private channel & share information across the organization
  • Access and run methods directly without the need to re-develop methods
  • Access methods in any instrument, from any location