Granular Silica Gel

For Your Laboratory

Granular or irregular-shaped silica gel is commonly used for the following applications:

  • Gravity (Open Column)
  • Flash (Pressure-Driven)
  • MPLC (Medium Pressure Liquid Chromatography)
  • TLC (Thin Layer Chromatography)

For Industrial Applications

Granular silica gels play an important role in the chemical process of purification. Purification is the removal of impurities with a minimum loss of the primary product.

In industrial applications, the granular silica gels are used by chemical and pharmaceutical companies to purify:

  • Organic intermediates
  • Natural extracts
  • API

Tens to hundreds of kilograms of silica gel are commonly needed to pack large industrial columns. For a successful separation, the physical and chemical characteristics of the silica gel must be matched to the purification of the target substance.

Sorbtech can help guide you through the selection process, optimizing your method, and supply you with multi-ton quantities.

Sorbent Technologies offers a full range of granular silica gels in four different performance grades.

Grade Description Performance
Premium Rf Lowest metal content, narrowest particle and pore distribution, yields optimal resolution, and best loadability ★★★★★
Enhanced Grade Tighter particle distribution, minimal fines, controlled pore distribution, and low moisture content ★★★★
Standard Grade
Narrow particle distribution and measured moisture content ★★★
Technical Grade An economical choice for general separations and filtration ★★