Sorbtech Adsorbents – Silica Gel 

High-Performance Silica Gels for Chromatographic Purification and Separation

Sorbtech offers a complete selection of silica gel products designed to perform simple to complex analytical and preparative chromatographic techniques for:

  • Laboratory
  • Pilot
  • Industrial process applications

Broad, comprehensive silica gel product offering

We provide a full range of chromatographic silica gels (from bench to process):

  • Granular – four different grades to specifically meet your application
    • Premium Rf
    • Enhanced
    • Standard
    • Technical
  • Spherical – normal and bonded phases available
  • Pore sizes ranging from 60Å to 500Å
  • Particle sizes from 1.8μm to 500μm
  • All standard bonded phases from C18 to SAX, as well as custom bonding upon request
  • Range of package sizes (10g to 25kg)

Our silica gels are manufactured using GMP standards, ensuring:

  • The highest performance and purity
  • Assured reproducibility lot-to-lot, year-to-year
  • Direct scale-up from bench to process for transferrable method development
  • Certificates of analysis and individual data sheets are available for each product

Silica gel products for every process:

  • Gravity (Open Glass Column)
  • Flash (Pressure-Driven)
  • MPLC (Medium Pressure Liquid Chromatography)
  • HPLC (High Pressure Liquid Chromatography)
  • TLC (Thin Layer Chromatography)
  • DCC (Dry Column Chromatography)

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