Marc Perla President, Co-Founder

Marc Perla co-founded Sorbent Technologies in September 2000 and serves as the company’s President.  His extensive experience in the chromatography industry, along with his commitment, knowledge, expertise in strategy development, logistics excellence, and business management have solidly established the company and positioned it for a bright future.

Mr. Perla holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.  Very early in his career, Marc became involved in chromatography and purification supports, supply, and consultation.  He has held several executive positions in his career and his concentrated focus and commitment to excellence have led to exponential success and improvement in daily operations, manufacturing, and personal leadership distinction for his reporting teams.

Today, Sorbent Technologies is recognized as a preferred, premier solution provider to countless pharmaceutical, university, and industrial users in the field of chromatography and process purification.

With Marc’s strong leadership, Sorbent Technologies continues to expand its broad chromatography portfolio of products as well as offering consultative services for process purification to its industrial and pharmaceutical process manufacturing clients.