EZ Flash Systems

Modular, Cost-Effective System for Flash Chromatography

EZ Flash is the perfect, compact, low-cost flash purification system that enables you to purify from 10 mg to 60 g of sample. The system is modular permitting the user to customize to meet application needs affordably.

EZ Flash System

The EZ Flash purification system is composed of a single head, positive displacement pump, an EZ Detector, a dedicated fraction collector, and Purity Flash cartridges. Add additional system components to address your purification needs or throughput.

Five easy steps make the EZ Flash Modular System ideal for method development and everyday purification:

  1. Connect solvent bottle to EZ Mini Flash Pump
  2. Connect flash cartridge (Purity Flash or EZ Flash)
  3. Condition cartridge with two column volumes of solvent
  4. Inject your sample
  5. Collect fractions