Sorbtech TLC Method Development

TLC can be an efficient, powerful, and cost-effective approach to develop methods for downstream chromatographic analysis, such as HPLC, Flash, and Gravity column separations. Use TLC to quickly check the purity of recovered fractions or to continually monitor reaction rates in a process.

Use our kits to quickly establish method parameters or to further optimize a current separation method. We offer several kits to aid in your search for optimization or better knowledge about a reaction.

Available Sorbtech Method Kits:

  • General Method Intro Kit: Contains 2 each of 6 unique Silica coated plates: C2, C18, NH2, CN, Diol, and nano-silica. Each plate is 10×10 cm with a UV254 indicator and glass backing.
  • Flash Method Development Kit: Includes 2.5 x 7.5 cm Silica plates with UV254 indicator glass-backed, plus Rocket TLC development chamber with detailed instructions on how to use to determine Flash run conditions.
  • Rocket TLC Development Chamber- Saves up to 75% solvent usage with expedited development/migration time of minutes as compared to standard development tanks.

Rocket TLC Development Chamber

  • Solvent consumption is reduced by 80-85%
  • Rf overruns are eliminated using an appropriate amount of solvent
  • Overall operational time is faster
  • Results are a far more consistent test-to-test
  • The TLC plate is always kept in the same orientation
  • Rocket shape and white background provide easy visualization
  • Designed for 2.5 x 7.5 cm (1in x 3in) TLC plates

General Method Intro Kit

Catalog No.DescriptionPrice (USD)
TLC-DK1General Method Intro Kit: Incl: 2 ea. (C2, C18W, Amino, Cyano, Diol, Nano-Silica), w/UV254, Glass Backed, 10x10cm Buy now $337.92

Flash Method Intro Kit

Catalog No.DescriptionPrice (USD)
TLC-FMDK1Flash Method Development Kit: Incl: A Sorbtech Rocket TLC development chamber, detailed instructions, and Silica HD TLC Plates, w/UV254, glass backed, 250um, 2.5x7.5cm, 100/pk Buy now $155.00

Rocket TLC Development Chamber

Catalog No.DescriptionPrice (USD)
TLC-RocketSorbtech Rocket TLC Chamber for 2.5 x 7.5cm TLC Plates Buy now $80.00