Sorbent Technologies offers microscopes for research professionals which feature the latest user interface technology as well as basic microscopes for educational facilities. All of our microscopes have been selected for their reliability, durability, ease-of-use and are the best in their class.

Featured Accessories

Camera / Video / Software

Catalog #/DescriptionAdd to Cart/List Price
8204-8003 - OmniVid C-Mount Camera with built-in screenAdd to Cart  1337.97
8204-8004 - BioVID VGA Video Camera - 720x470, RCA cable, C-mountAdd to Cart  925.97
8204-8008 - BioVID HD-720p Video Camera, 5mp, SD card, HDMI cable, C-mountAdd to Cart  1131.97
8204-8002 - MiniVID RCA Microscope Eyepiece Video CameraAdd to Cart  231.75
8204-8005 - MiniVID USB 5MP Digital Eyepiece Camera with softwareAdd to Cart  586.09
8204-8006 - MiniVID USB 5.1MP USB-3.0 (blue port) Super-Fast Cam w/softwareAdd to Cart  822.97
8204-8007 - MiniVID USB 5.1MP WiFi Cam for android & iOS tablets & phonesAdd to Cart  874.47
8204-8900 - Hand-Held Digital Video Microscope - 1.3 mega pixel, USB w/SoftAdd to Cart  204.97