THC Remediation

Inclusive Flash Chromatography System Kits for Cannabinoid Purification

Our kits have been designed to provide an inclusive, full system approach to optimize your flash purifications of extracts for THC remediation and removal of pesticides.

They are available in three different user levels of knowledge of the cleanup of extracts; Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced THC Remediation kits. Each system comes complete with all necessary Flash system components, flash cartridges, TLC plates, standard SOP, and limited free live support specific to your specific application.

Basic THC Remediation Kit

Basic Kit

Designed as an entry-level solution the permits a newer use to gain familiarity with the basics of flash purification for the removal of THC from an extract.

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Intermediate THC Remediation Kit

Intermediate Kit

This kit adds the advanced utility of a UV detector to the Basic kit, along with 2 extra hours of live support. Perfect for those that have had some chromatography experience in LC or HPLC.

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Advanced THC Remediation Kit

Advanced Kit

Our advanced kit permits the more experienced user to explore several purification paths and includes everything in the Intermediate kit, along with several additional flash cartridges of differing specifications. This kit also includes 8 hours of live support specific to your application.

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Catalog No.DescriptionPrice (USD)
THCRSKit-1THC Remediation Starter Kit - Basic User Buy now $4,975.15
THCRSKit-2THC Remediation Starter Kit - Intermediate User Buy now $10,002.11
THCRSKit-3THC Remediation Starter Kit - Advanced, Experienced User Buy now $12,754.29