Sorbtech Application-Specific TLC Plates

A Range of Specialty TLC Plates for Specified Applications

Select from our range of specialty TLC plates that have been designed for specific applications, including chiral compound analysis, ion exchange analysis of amino acids, PAH environmental studies, and more. All our specialty plates feature the same high-quality performance, reliability, and reproducibility as our standard TLC plates.

Specialty TLC Plates

Sorbtech Specialty TLC Plates Feature:

  • Modified and unmodified adsorbent layers specific to the intended application
  • Various binder choices for sample recovery
Type Description Applications
Cellulose TLC Cellulose is especially used for partition chromatographic separations of polar substances. For analysis of amino acids and other carboxylic acids or carbohydrates
Chiral TLC Chiral TLC glass plates are coated with a reversed-phase silica gel and impregnated with a chiral selector (a proline derivative, DP 31 43 726, and EP 0 143 147) and copper (II) ions. Enantiomer separation of amino acids, N-methylamino acids, N-formyl amino acids, α-alkylamino acids, thiazolidine derivatives, dipeptides, lactones, α-hydroxycarboxylic acids
Ion Exchange TLC A mixture of silica and a strongly acidic cation exchanger or basic anion exchange resin on a coated polyester sheet. Amino acids, e.g., in protein and peptide hydrolyzates, for racemate separation in peptide syntheses, for the separation of nucleic acid hydrolyzates, aminosugars, amino acids, antibiotics, inorganic phosphates, cations.
PAH HPTLC Nano silica 60, mean pore size 60 Å, specific surface (BET) ~500 m2/g, 2–10 μm. Impregnated with caffeine, an electron acceptor for PAH based on charge-transfer complexes. For PAH analysis based on charge-transfer complexes
Polyamide 6 TLC Separation mechanism based on hydrogen bonds to amide groups of the polymer matrix as well as on ionic, dipole and electron donor-acceptor interactions. Natural compounds, phenols, carboxylic acids, aromatic nitro compounds, and amino acids