SPE Cartridges, Chromabond® HR-XAW

Weakly basic secondary and tertiary ammonium polymeric anion exchanger for SPE


  • Base material spherical PS/DVB copolymer, pore size 55-65 Å, particle sizes 45 µm or 85 µm (standard)
  • very large specific surface 850 m2/g, pore volume 1.2-1.4 cm3/g, pH stability 1-14
  • secondary and tertiary ammonium modification, exchange capacity > 0.5 meq/g, pKa ~ 6
  • RP capacity 350 mg/g (caffeine in water)
  • high-purity material, highest reproducibility and lowest blank values due to an optimized production process
  • outstanding recovery rates especially for the enrichment of acidic analytes

Recommended Applications:

  • perfluorinated surfactants
  • acidic compounds like sulfonates
  • active ingredients from strongly matrix-contaminated samples like, e.g., urine, plasma, serum
  • strong acids with pKa < 1


Catalog #/DescriptionAdd to Cart/List Price
730673 - Chromabond Sorbent, HR-XAW, 100gAdd to Cart  449.00
730728 - SPE Cartridges, Chromabond, HR-XAW, 1mL, 30mg 30/pkAdd to Cart  67.00
730729 - SPE Cartridges, Chromabond, HR-XAW, 1mL, 100mg 30/pkAdd to Cart  87.00
730744 - SPE Cartridges, Chromabond, HR-XAW, 3mL, 500mg 30/pkAdd to Cart  155.00
730745 - SPE Cartridges, Chromabond, HR-XAW, 6mL, 500mg 30/pkAdd to Cart  222.00
730747 - SPE Cartridges, Chromabond, HR-XAW, 3mL, 60mg 30/pkAdd to Cart  95.00
730748 - SPE Cartridges, Chromabond, HR-XAW, 3mL, 200mg 30/pkAdd to Cart  105.00
730749 - SPE Cartridges, Chromabond, HR-XAW, 6mL, 150mg 30/pkAdd to Cart  196.00
731771 - Chromafix, HR-XAW, 155mg (S), 50/pkAdd to Cart  196.00
731772 - Chromafix, HR-XAW, 240mg (M), 50/pkAdd to Cart  218.00
731773 - Chromafix, HR-XAW, 500mg (L), 50/pkAdd to Cart  279.00
731885 - Chromafix Ion Exchange Development Kit I, 10 cartridges each CHROMAFIX® S: SA (SCX), SB (SAX), PS-H+, PS-OH–, HR-XC (MCX), HR-XA (MAX), DMAAdd to Cart  131.00

Chromabond® Polypropylene Columns

  • PP columns with PE filter elements
  • Different sizes from 1, 3, 6 up to 150 ml
  • Adsorbent weights from 20 mg to 50 g
  • Male luer tip as exit
  • Compatible with most robots (e. g. Gilson ASPEC™, Caliper AutoTrace®, …)

Chromabond® Glass Columns

  • Glass columns with chemically very inert glass fibre
  • Filter elements (nominal pore size 1 µm)
  • Two different sizes: 3 and 6 ml
  • Available with all CHROMABOND® phases
  • Excludes any influence from the column material (e. g. plasticizers, …)

Chromafix® Cartridges

  • PP cartridges with PE filter elements
  • Three different sizes with different adsorbent weights: Small (0.4 ml), Medium (0.8 ml), Large (1.8 ml)
  • Female Luer tip at the inlet, male Luer tip as exit
  • Offers alternative way of handling using positive pressure by syringes or peristaltic pumps
  • Especially suited for convenient solid phase extraction of small sample volumes

Chromabond® LV Columns

  • Large volume PP columns with PE filter elements
  • Three different adsorbent weights (100, 200 and 500 mg)
  • funnel-shaped reservoir with 15 ml volume
  • Especially for clinical samples-the whole sample (e. g. urine, serum, blood) can be applied to the column in one step
  • Can be directly used in the Zymate® lab robots of Zymark

Chromabond® Multi 96- SPE in 96-Well format

  • 96-well polypropylene plates with PE filter elements
  • Cavity volume 1.5 ml
  • Adsorbent weights from 25 to 100 mg
  • Supplied with any CHROMABOND® SPE adsorbents
  • For simultaneous preparation of 96 samples
  • Easy method transfer from CHROMABOND® columns or CHROMAFIX® cartridges to CHROMABOND® MULTI 96
  • Readily adaptable to all common automated/robotic handling systems