HPLC Column Packer

SSI Lab Alliance® - Pack in a Box The Portable HPLC Column Packing System

Pack-in-a-Box includes the following:

  1. Model CP Constant Pressure Pump, non-flush, 0.1-24 mL/min., 10,000 psig, with transducer and RS-232 control, SS, 110/220V
  2. Two empty column assemblies, 4.6 x 150 mm (column blanks, column plugs, end fittings, 2 µm frits)
  3. Column Packer assembly (20 mL reservoir, nuts, caps, ferrules, column adapter 5/16", 4.6 mm, gasket, tubing)
  4. Packer Bracket Assembly (bracket, rods, bolts, knobs, nuts) 5. C18 Spherical Silica Gel, 10g
  5. Tubing, 1/16" OD x 0.030" ID, Stainless steel
  6. Quick-Set pump control software
  7. Instructions

Complete Pump Control:

  • Fast or Pressure limited ramps
  • Ramp speed adjustments
  • Packing pressure
  • Packing Flow
  • Upper and lower pressure limit

Affordable and perfect for universities and research labs.

Note: Pack-in-a-box has many optional parts to fit a variety of HPLC Columns.

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