Alumina Desiccant Spheres

Provide Drier Samples, and Speed Prep and Analysis With Expert Developed Alumina

Sorbtech activated alumina spheres are very porous. They have a high surface area, which allows the adsorption of gases and liquids, and do not change form.

Activated alumina spheres won’t soften or disintegrate when immersed in liquids. When used to adsorb water, the activated alumina spheres act as an efficient desiccant.

Molecules with the highest polarity are preferentially adsorbed.

In the absence of irreversible fouling, the activated alumina spheres may be regenerated to their original adsorption efficiency by heating to a temperature between 350-600°F (177-316°C).

It is recommended to regenerate the alumina prior to reuse.  To regenerate the alumina it is heated to a high temperature, at low pressure, with dry, inert gas.

Uniform Ball Size High Crush Strength Low Abrasion High Adsorptive Capacity
  • Especially important in high pressure gas dehydration for reduction of pressure drop
  • Minimizes channeling
  • Yields higher efficiencies
  • Allows rapid pneumatic loading
  • Enables use of tall towers
  • Effective for the dehydration of acid containing gases and liquids, such as CO2
  • Longer operating life
  • Ensures less dusting during transport, loading, and service life
  • Reduces downstream valve and filter plugging
  • High surface area
  • Tailored pore distribution
  • Achieve an ultra low H2O effluent
Catalog Number 92000 92010 92020 92030
Sphere size (English) 7×14 Tyler Mesh 1/8″ 3/16″ 1/4″
Sphere size (Metric) 2.0mm 3.2mm 4.8mm 6.4mm
Surface Area – m2/g 360 355 340 325
Total Pore Volume – cc/g 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5
Packed Bulk Density – lb/ft3 (Kg/m3) 48 (769) 48 (769) 48 (769) 48 (769)
Crush Strength – lb (Kg) 11 (5) 30 (14) 55 (25) 70 (32)
Abrasion Loss – wt% 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1
Symbols for graph to the right
Static sorption at 11% RH 8 8 7 7
Static sorption at 58% RH 22 22 21 19
Static sorption at 97% 42 42 40 38
Catalog No.DescriptionPrice (USD)
92000-05Activated Alumina Spheres, 7x14 Tyler Mesh, 2.0mm, 500g Buy now $38.63
92000-1Activated Alumina Spheres, 7x14 Tyler Mesh, 2.0mm, 1kg Buy now $61.80
92000-5Activated Alumina Spheres, 7x14 Tyler Mesh, 2.0mm, 5kg Buy now $226.60
92000-25Activated Alumina Spheres, 7x14 Tyler Mesh, 2.0mm, 25kg Buy now $1,030.00
92010-05Activated Alumina Spheres, 1/8in, 3.2mm, 500g Buy now $39.40
92010-1Activated Alumina Spheres, 1/8in, 3.2mm, 1kg Buy now $65.67
92010-5Activated Alumina Spheres, 1/8in (3.2mm), 5kg Buy now $231.76
92010-25Activated Alumina Spheres, 1/8in, 3.2mm, 25kg Buy now $985.00
92010-50Activated Alumina Spheres, 1/8in, 3.2mm, 50kg Buy now $1,773.00

Process stream purification
Removal of highly polar compounds such as: TBC, alcohols, ethers, etc.

Acid Removal
Our activated alumina spheres can remove the acids formed from the degradation of trans-former oils, lubricating oils, and refrigerants. Also, they remove the residual halides and water during the manufacture of chlorinated and/or fluorinated hydrocarbons, yielding a non-corrosive product.

Nearly all gases and liquids can be dried. Water removal is often necessary for efficient processing, storage, transportation, or usage of fluids. For example, water can form hydrates with hydrocarbons, simulating ice, and will plug equipment.

Substances commonly dried with alumina spheres include:

Acetylene Ethane Hydrogen Chloride Oxygen
Air Ethylene Hydrogen Sulfide Propane
Ammonia Furnace Gas Methane Propylene
CO2 Helium Natural Gas Refrigerants
Chlorine Hydrogen Nitrogen Sulfur Dioxide
Benzene Ethyl Acetate Lubricating Oils Refrigerants
Butane Gasolines Naptha Styrene
Butene Heptane Nitrobenzene Toluene
Butyl Acetate Hexane Pentane Transformer Oil
Carbon Tetrachloride Hydraulic Oils Pipe Line Oils Vegetable Oil
Chlorobenzene Jet Fuel Propane Xylene
Cyclohexane Kerosene Propylene