Sorbent Technologies provides colleges and universities the best chromatography supplies, lab equipment and consumables

Sorbent Technologies, Inc. is proud to be a supplier of chromatography products to colleges and universities. Our chromatography products include bulk silica gel, functionalized silica gel, HPLC columns, Flash Cartridges, TLC plates, SPE Cartridges, Syringe filters and more. Not only do we provide premium products, but we offer assistance to colleges with troubleshooting their chromatography, as well as method development including unique separations techniques.

Whether you are an undergraduate studying chromatography for the first time or a research director, Sorbent Technologies is here to help colleges and universities find the right products for your challenges and offer time-saving solutions to help you work within your budget. Feel free to browse our catalog to learn more about our products or register on our website to gain free access to our extensive applications database.

Sorbent Technologies also provides colleges and universities withquality laboratory equipment and lab supplies to keep university laboratories safe, user-friendly and efficient. From pipettors to plastic tubes and vials, to centrifuges, microscopes and more, all of our laboratory equipment and lab supplies have been selected for their performance and reliability.

At Sorbent Technologies, we believe that helping colleges and universities students, faculty and other researchers is truly an investment in the future.

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