About Sorbent Technologies, your premium chromatography supplier

When chromatography is the means to the success of weeks or even years of hard work, pharmaceutical labs and university research labs rely on Sorbent Technologies’ superior products, information and consultation. As one of the world's premier chromatography suppliers, we are committed to the success of your work and we partner with our customers to provide the most effective solutions for your projects’ unique challenges.

In addition to our large selection of chromatography products, Sorbent Technologies also provides quality laboratory equipment and supplies to keep your lab safe, user-friendly and efficient. From pipettors to plastic tubes and vials, to centrifuges, microscopes and more, all of our laboratory products have been selected for their performance and reliability.

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Meet Our Team

Marc Perla
Co-Founder, President

David Schurer
Co-Founder, Vice President, Sales

Dr. Robert Kerr
Director, Research & Development

Jack Lentjes
Account Manager, Customer Success

Jim Woynerowski
Account Manager, Customer Success

Anibal Raez
Account Manager, Customer Success