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When chromatography is the means to the success of weeks or even years of hard work, pharmaceutical labs and university research labs rely on Sorbent Technologies’ superior products, information and consultation. As one of the world's premier chromatography suppliers, we are committed to the success of your work and we partner with our customers to provide the most effective solutions for your projects’ unique challenges.

Chromatography is our expertise. Our trained Account Managers will assist you with method development and optimization from analytical methods to full scale process. Furthermore, we provide a mobile app for your iOS or Android mobile device or web access to our extensive chromatography applications database to describe methods for LC, HPLC, SPE, TLC and GC which includes both mobile and stationary phases for your target compound. We understand the importance of your work and the necessity for high-quality information and products.

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In addition to our large selection of chromatography products, Sorbent Technologies also provides quality laboratory equipment and supplies to keep your lab safe, user-friendly and efficient. From pipettors to plastic tubes and vials, to centrifuges, microscopes and more, all of our laboratory products have been selected for their performance and reliability.

NAOSMM Long Beach Jul 26-31

ACS Boston Aug 16-20
250th ACS National Meeting & Exposition. Program Theme: Innovation from Discovery to Application

SERMACS Memphis Nov 4-7
SERMACS and SWRM will hold a joint meeting that promises to be an exciting event.
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